So I've always tried to downplay the whole "lawyers are scum" thing. You know, generally, I think lawyers get unfairly maligned. But then come along lawyers that really make me rethink that position.

Let's talk about a couple of them, Kathleen Ryan and Lindsay Kassof of the Ollila Law Group in Boulder, Colorado. Here's some choice arguments they've made in the legal dispute:

that a phone number once listed in the past (per the Internet Archive) is not our phone number and belongs to some lady in Santa Clara.

Are you kidding me? People who went to Penn State and the Brooklyn College of Law came up with the argument that a phone number we used to have years ago, that was on our website years ago, and taken off a few years ago, isn't currently associated with us and therefore was never valid? I'm sorry, that has to be one of the most retarded arguments I've ever heard of in my life. It was our phone number, and when it was, it was on the website. When we moved, we got a new number, and we put THAT number on the website. Years later, the first number belongs to someone else.

I mean, a second grader gets that concept. You move, you end up with a new phone number, so you change it on your website. Perhaps Ms. Kassof was overcome by fumes whilst she was working at Elizabeth Arden and lost the ability to make common sense. Or perhaps it's just the high altitude in Boulder that causes brains to shut down.

Anyway, let's move on to the next stupid lawyer argument made by Lindsay Kassof and Kathleen Ryan.

on one day we tested the contact email on the web page and it didn't work. Therefore, no email has ever worked

Again, say what? Pretty much anyone with four or five brain cells knows that any publically listed address on the web gets spammed to high heaven. So you use special, heavily filtered addresses for that. So it did work when we moved servers. Who hasn't had downtime? More importantly, tons of other email addresses -- the ones we really care about -- were working, so who noticed if the spam catcher address wasn't working for a bit.

But don't worry, there's more. The idiocy doesn't stop there for the fine lawyers of the Ollila Law Group. No, they weren't done demonstrating how stupid and technically inept they are. I mean, at this point, Lindsay Kassof and Kathleen Ryan were on a roll to prove that they would stop at nothing to try and make a point, even if it was downright dishonest.

we went to the website and it didn't work!

I saw this and thought...holy cow, Ms. Kassof and Ms. Ryan have to suffering from significant oxygen deprivation there in Boulder, Colorado. Of course that didn't work. It was an example! Trying to make a point that since the example didn't work, the entire website didn't work had to be, bar none, the most ignorant, and truly intellectually dishonest thing that Lindsay Kassof and Kathleen Ryan listed. It was clearly low down, slimy, worm-of-earth baloney tactics from the Ollila Law Group. There's just no possible way to misinterpret that.

To sum up...I'm pretty unhappy about the legal profession and may just have jump on the bandwagon making fun of lawyers.